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According to DSNY's latest Waste Characterization Study:

68% of New York City's trash should actually be recycled 

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This means we either don’t know enough, or don’t care enough! Whatever the reason may be, Recycle Buddy wants to do our part to change this.

We hope our recycling bins, armed with in-your-face alarming facts, raise awareness, spark conversation, and encourage our city to engage and consider recycling in creative and informative ways.

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How to Recycle
Case Study
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P.S. 90 School, BK

Our friends at P.S. 90 tested out Recycle Buddies, as we placed our product in various locations throughout the school over the course of 3 weeks. After that, Students and faculty were asked to give feedback:

The students said...
In response to the question "Did Recycle Buddy make you want to recycle more?", on a scale of 1 to 10, the average score was a 9.14.

The faculty said...

There was a consensus opinion that Recycle Buddy contributed to positive conversation surrounding recycling in the classroom.


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Purchase bins for your location, or receive them via donations through registered sponsors.

Get a Buddy

Get your name, logo, or anything else that represents the spirit of your organization printed on Recycle Buddy Bins. Place them at your own location, or donate them to friends to spread the word!


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